Simply treat your home as an investment and not as a place where you bond with your family and spend your spare time with them. Your emotion should not be a factor in selling your home; if not, this will certainly be a hindrance.
In Victoria, most of the properties are being sold through real estate agents. Unlike in other states, you have to take a lot of effort just to advertise your home and please the buyers to take it.

However, you must try to consider several factors when getting an agent. And take note that is must be taken prior to your engagement with the buyer. Consider the risks if you will just get somebody who is not an expert on the matter, maybe you will just be hoodwinked.

Take note of these essential reminders:

First, it is important that you are certain and must be fully informed about the terms and conditions on which the agent is to be retained as stated in the agency agreement.

Second, identify whether you are referring to a sole agency, an auction or a general authority to sell. The basis for selling your home will also have variation depending on what condition you have chosen

Third, this is the most complicated part, the commission sharing. Be well-informed about the manner on how it is being calculated. If it is possible to negotiate terms that will also somehow favor you, try to do so.

Lastly, ask whether you will be still held responsible for some additional expenditure such as advertising. It will also concern whether you have a fixed amount that you need to pay or either a limitation.

Like a typical seller, it is necessary for you to provide your buyers with the so called “vendors statement” that will contain the details of the property. It basically includes the following information- restrictions on title (if applicable), rates, zoning, notices, orders, building approvals and other services connected to the property that must also be included in the papers.
When dealing about home selling tips. Remember these things.

You only make a first impression on the prospect buyer once. Like a person, you are fond of saying first impressions last; this is also true when it comes to your home. Make the most of it. Be sure that the first time that the prospect buyer will visit your place they will already be impressed with the kind of arrangement you have in your home. There is no need for you to buy any expensive ornaments but simply to give them a light impression of your house because of its neat appearance; it is a big thing already. Beautifying and ensuring the security of your home will count a lot to your buyers.

While on the selling price of your home/investment, it also depends on a number of factors, some are:

1. The number of buyers that are available in the real state market that are searching for homes like yours. It is a basic consideration because; you will be depending on your prospect buyers upon selling your home. It is from them where you can gain money.
2. Check on the number of homes listed in the local real state market, homes that are like yours. This is where competition enters, the many homes available, the lesser possibility that your home will be sold. So, you have to make an edge over your competitors.
3. Determine whether the condition of your home is better or not. You must be aware of the competition in the market. Grab all the chances that you can, have your home improved before selling it so you won’t have any regret at the end of the day.

There are many factors that you can’t control when selling your home, for example, the supply and demand of houses for sale in your area, but you can control how your home looks when it goes on the market.

You need to do a lot of preparations before you can declare your house as for sale, so its better that you first think about your decision before making a move. Rush sales are only for those who needs the cash fast and is willing to take a loss. Homes in Victoria are too precious and pretty to be just given away at a low price.